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About the Instructor

Janet Nissen
 Pilates Instructor

I know that sometimes beginning and sticking with a healthy lifestyle change can seem overwhelming.  Gyms seem to be full of intimidating fit people and personal training looms as a thing that only the beautiful people do. Each New Year is welcomed with grueling sessions at the gym leaving you feeling exhausted and depressed.  No wonder those cookies are calling your name…


I was the typical office worker, sitting at my computer all day, eating out of the vending machine and looking for an exercise (any exercise) that I could stick with.  Each year I resolved to lose the weight and get in better shape.  Each new year I would force myself to the gym for yet another workout.  Each year by early February I couldn’t remember where the gym was located (of course the vending machine was on three).  Oh well… always next year.


All that changed one February when instead of quitting my New Years Resolution I decided to try Pilates on the Reformer instead.  Immediately I knew I liked it.  The springs on the machine assisted me when I needed it but also resisted to help build strength.  It was interesting.  I got a good workout but I felt energized when I was finished.  Even though the next day my muscles were sore I wanted to go back. And go back I did.


I got stronger and more flexible.  The stronger I got the more I could do.  The more I could do the more I wanted to do.  The weight started to come off.  A few years and many pounds later I became an apprentice Pilates Instructor at the Studio.  Initially I began to attend teacher seminars to learn more. Then I went on to become a Stott trained instructor.  I have become experienced in helping people of all body types and fitness levels work toward their goals.


I would be happy to help you enjoy Pilates as much as I do while you work toward your own personal fitness goals.  Don’t wait for next year- let now be your time.

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